Tuesday, October 5, 2010

How to "control" Yahuo sequels?

Yahuo is a double-edged sword, blade support or opposition, if you do not stand dealers point of view, and this is likely to Kanxiang own sword! Conversely, if you effectively control the Yahuo consequences for Yahuo blade Kanxiang market, you are likely to help in that the sword, the blaze way to survive!

Yahuo is double-edged sword, sharp on both sides

The so-called Yahuo called ballast, usually in the year-end or special time channels to the market and at all levels, especially in a commercial channels pressed into far beyond its normal sales of stock.

Standing business perspective, the use of Yahuo method can be used to promote sales, the starting point mainly due to the following aspects: First, Yahuo is an internal sales management incentives, mainly on the internal sales staff in the year-end money on. Through such incentives to motivate them to carry out market development; second season for the enterprise product sales, promotions, inventory well prepared, and prevent delay arising out of supplies logistics, stock-outs; third, from a competition point of view, diversion channel through Yahuo way to prevent competitors eat their own network; Fourth, encourage agents to sell their products, the pressure to the agent or intermediary goods, where good policies for them, forcing them to think of ways to sell.

Several respects from the above, we found Yahuo really is a marketing technique. However, in practice, Yahuo is double-edged sword, if the enterprise Yahuo unreasonable, or to not correct, sales would be planted to the harmful effects of their products. Also, if Yahuo without following the normal "service" would leave more Yahuo "hangover", enterprises will be a lot of insecurity.

What Yahuo would be "consequences"?

Yahuo sequelae occur mainly by three reasons lead to:

鈶?"three-shot lead" policy Yahuo

End of the year, when companies can not complete the annual task of the year, the firm's sales director, marketing director, CEO or business will be to order the market to agents, distributors Yahuo. The reason is that business-to-sales goals were reasonable, spending on the market, with annual sales growth rate of inadequate consideration, resulting in a high-level leadership forehead target shooting, two Paixiong Fu determination table, the result not finish the task, the three beat ass leave. Industry, it is unreasonable sales targets for this policy caused Yahuo, called the "three-shot lead Yahuo."

鈶?"the only benefit employees," the measures of Yahuo

As the leading goal too high, sales eyes again to take the green end of the year award. So many sales staff will use a variety of relationships, trying to complete Yahuo task. As the purpose of impurity, the actual operation is often a lot of irregular Yahuo, to bring a lot of hidden sales follow-up.

鈶?"no service" bad Yahuo

If brought in the aftermath of the Yahuo all acts, the first two are not entirely representative of a widely popular, then "no service" bad Yahuo, is the current market, one of the most common phenomenon. Some Yahuo was originally a marketing strategy, such as diversion channels to prevent competitors; or for the realization of corporate marketing plan, festivals, promotions, and other sources before the arrival guarantee. However, after the service is not in place Yahuo a result of this Yahuo become a bad Yahuo, resulting in a series of sequels, and made the next business year has been wiped "butt."

How bad Yahuo what "consequences"?

Typically, bad Yahuo business sales will at least bring these problems.

1, FALSIFYING dangerous.

Enterprises to channel Yahuo, if the company did not vigorously cooperate with the dealer selling products, not to normal "after sales" services. Once dealers difficult period in the product is coming, or distributors themselves need liquidity, you may by improper means the goods went to other regions, resulting in "FALSIFYING" seriously affected the market order.

Second, smashing price of goods rejection.

We all know that when companies have Yahuo Yahuo policy, coupled with measures of Yahuo salesman, when he was to complete the task will certainly be a part of commitment to come up with their own year-end awards to as Yahuo policy. Dealer under the protection of high-profit, once the sales are poor, will use the killer price, low rejection goods, not only disturbed the market price system, then this product will do die, so that the market completely collapsed.

Third, increased marketing costs.

In the highly competitive industry, many products distribution business will be using credit the way, such as pharmaceuticals. Dealer with warehouses, if not out of drug sales in the period of time, you can return. Dealers are often asked when the shelf life of approaching companies to honor its promise to return, replacement, so that makes the company increased marketing costs in virtually many.

4, disrupted sales plan.

"Yahuo" by the pressure of product, are in fact not completed sales. Future advances or overdraft is only way to complete the financial market data on the book only. When Yahuo over time, sales in the first quarter of next year will be greatly affected. In fact, some of product sales at this time is the peak season, such a "Yahuo" will affect the company's sales plan and marketing strategy formulation. Meanwhile, the artificial Yahuo behavior will result in sales of light, season fluctuations. Market volume is not to rule, will give the production, storage and transportation problems caused by a series of departments.

5, easily lead to conflicts.

Originally enterprises and dealers, are the basis inspire each other with the other constraints. The "Yahuo" virtually two sides will create conflicts. Dealer's bargain, rejection behavior will hurt the business interests of the cargo; and business return policy disputes will hurt the interests of dealers. Business and cooperative relations between dealers because of non-contradiction caused by the normal means of marketing.

How to prevent Yahuo "hangover"?

Yahuo marketing to see product:

We know that not any of the products can be used Yahuo, here for example drug sales. In general, the following categories products meet the "Yahuo" conditions:

1, a large flow of product.

Easier flow of such drugs, companies access to such products located in the "shopkeeper." That is, through wholesalers, a level to the terminal. In general, these products well-known, listed a long time, do not need any advertising involved, as long as the mainstream channels in the industry, pharmacies for large distribution in place can the normal sales.

2, homogeneous product.

Completely homogeneous product, channel Yahuo marketing may be one of the most effective way of marketing. Because, in terms of homogeneous products, the occupation of the channel is occupied by the market; channel depth and width of the market determine the success or failure. In the pharmaceutical industry, generic drugs is this characteristic. A generic drugs, old drugs, including OTC, prescription drugs, including the public, the country hundreds of manufacturers, the golf channel and the terminal is.

3, driven by advertising products.

Generally driven by advertising the product, whether it's advertising hype or holding high dozens of products will play a great role in promoting sales. Short sales cycle at this time, turnover is quick, as long as the agents of the network roll out and expand the terminal, increase consumer buying ports, there is advertising driven product can Yahuo.

Yahuo marketing opportunity to see:

In general, Yahuo time include the following:

鈶?festivals can Yahuo before. Because the shipping companies, logistics and transport is often delayed, to ensure the appropriate dealer inventory it should be.

鈶?before large-scale advertising, before the start of large-scale promotional activities.

鈶?squeeze competitors can Yahuo. Through distributors or agents Yahuo, occupied his capital, warehouse space and distribution, can squeeze competitors distribution network.

鈶?urged dealers to increase marketing efforts on your product when Yahuo. This situation, companies are given the appropriate Yahuo best policy, sales incentives. At the same time, to give marketing support, such as advertising.

Yahuo marketing support measures

1, the formulation of reasonable Yahuo policy.

Pressure volume to reasonable development, in general, sales in 3 months within; incentive policies should be reasonable, if the year-end sales incentives too, prone to Seller to complete the task, get your bonus, and led to the phenomenon of bad Yahuo; if the dealer cash incentives to be, then it is prone to drop prices, the phenomenon of changing commodity.

2, to marketing support for dealers.

Yahuo promotion policy, which aims to urge the dealers to increase their sales efforts. However, the improper promotion policies, such as: cash rewards, incentives and other goods, are prone to drop price of goods rejection phenomenon. Therefore, the promotion policy is the best way of marketing support for dealers there. For example: combination product giveaways, and other ways to increase ad spending to Yahuo promotional costs to market, flowers to consumers to do so in terms of the product is definitely a beneficial, but no harm.

3, to help dealers clear the channel.

Dealer as long shopkeeper, through channels to eat, once their channels open, often appear motivated shortage. Therefore, when the company conducted its Yahuo, you can use this opportunity to help dealers clear channel to the lower levels. On the one hand, the product down to a more terminals, put more of their products do to clear the area, increase the intensity of the next cargo; on the other hand, to remind the dealer network and improve their sense of depth, but also conducive to further secure "customer intelligence" allow dealers to become corporate marketing assistant.

This practice helps dealers distributors, enterprise Yahuo after the follow-up measures should do the marketing. If you help dealers develop a detailed plan and strategy for distribution of goods, would avoid the appearance of many Yahuo complications. Otherwise, the pressure out of the cargo in sales once the dealer able to survive, Yahuo will be full-blown sequel.


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Delphi study: to find any string in the stream


Later, a pumping of time writing code very small, very efficient. Only for your reference:

function ScanStream (T: Tstream; S: String): integer;
var i, j: integer;
p: Pchar;
getMem (p, T.size); / / allocate memory
T. ReadBuffer (p ^, t.Size); / / Reading

for i: = 0 to T. Size -1 do begin
for j: = 1 to length (S) do
if p [i + j] <> S [j] then break; / / have a different or out of
銆??if j&gt;length(S) then begin file//渚濇嵁
result: = i +1;
銆??break; file//瀹屾垚
FreeMem (p);


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Qwest MCI crush on the bride price increase to 9 billion U.S. dollars

CNET Technology News Network International reported on April 1st time this week, U.S. Pacific time zone four, compete with the Verizon acquisition of MCI battle, Qwest killed a back thrust, will be bid up to 90 billion dollars.

Qwest offer is that this increase has continued for seven weeks in the acquisition of the latest war in the first round. Qwest, Verizon MCI had its eyes on the lucrative enterprise in the communications market, market share, Qwest wants to rely on MCI's cash flow to repay its debt of 17 billion U.S. dollars.

Qwest's latest offer over the original 8.45 billion U.S. dollars of its bid and Verizon 76 billion bid. A shareholder of MCI, said, obviously this is a good bid, it is significantly higher than Verizon's offer.

MCI's shareholders are very satisfied with Verizon's offer, MCI and Qwest negotiations required to achieve substantial returns to shareholders the transaction. MCI said it will evaluate Qwest's offer, and respond accordingly.

Mexican tycoon Carlos industry said on this week, Verizon and MCI in the last round of bids is clearly too low. He did not comment on Qwest's new offer.

Qwest on Wednesday said it has hired a proxy firm Altman Group, which is that it may be a sign of a hostile takeover bid MCI. Qwest may bypass MCI's management, and direct to MCI's shareholders to assess their bid. But MCI has developed an anti-hostile takeover plan, the shareholders holding more than 15% pay a heavy price.

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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Facebook open map API Yin Zhengyi: accused of not really open

April 26, according to the U.S. social media news site Mashable! Reports, Facebook recently launched an open map API (Open Graph API) and through the Internet, "like" (Like) key to cause controversy, some people argue this platform is not really "open . " Facebook said this, what they do is beneficial to the Internet.

The evolution of the debate as follows:

An open map (Open Graph): Facebook In last Wednesday launched an open map and "like" button - the user can click anywhere on the network, "like", such data sharing to Facebook personal home page.

2 on the website content publishers / incentive: publishers can be "like" button to their site, but also add another Facebook "social-based plug-in" (Social Plugins) (there were more complex and open map applications). Publisher's website as long as the user clicks on the page "like" button, it will in the user's Facebook page shows a link. Web site based on user's friends and their "love" thing, to show the user with the most relevant content.

3, certain parts of the open: publishers also add data on their websites, to identify specific items - such as to distinguish the message is a song, including song title and band name (semantic data). Facebook it easy on the Internet easily manage all data - such as competitors like Google can also access these semantic data.

4 parts are: the user clicks on the "like" data, Facebook's competitors is not available - Google and other sites can not be user "like" the site of data, unless placed on their website Facebook landing port. Therefore, Facebook in a person's preferences over the world data, but does not share with others, unless someone else is promoting its Web site Facebook (through the port of landing with Facebook).

5 other open channels: If you do not select the Facebook landing port, there are other open channels - such as Open ID. However, very few web publishers to use these options because they can not bring the same population as the Facebook login traffic and new subscribers.

6 can not be exported: Facebook does not allow users to export their one-time "like" thing. If Facebook's competitors, to establish a better service, the user would like to export from Facebook "like" thing, and imported into this new platform, the user is very difficult to achieve. So Facebook users in the establishment of a database on, but the user does not have it - Facebook only to have it.

7 Select fewer: Open Network supporters argue that, if the user block in a system, which the user is not good - the competitors can not build better systems and choices.

8 The key to success: Facebook's point of view, if correct, provided that: Unless Facebook to "social mapping" block in their database. The company (Facebook) can not be used as a widely used (ID) system to control the Internet, and grab the value (for example, make a lot of money).

9 Marketing Glossary: This implies that: Now open map API is not completely open, Facebook is only "open" as a marketing word. This is to some extent that is because Facebook's value proposition is based on the data "block."

Won 10 Facebook: Facebook has been adopted for the users and publishers to resolve identity (ID) problem and won the entire network. They also promoted the development of semantic networks. Competitors will use a truly open approach to fight back, but will not provide appropriate incentives (for publishers to bring traffic), then how can they compete?

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Three steps teach you to set up a separate page header and footer

Home of the header and footer, usually with the body of the different methods by the following individual settings.

鈶?Click the "Header and Footer" toolbar "Page Setup" button to open the page settings dialog box, in the "Layout" tab, select the "Home of different" item, once determined to return.

鈶?Then on page 1 the document header and footer areas of text you become a "home page header" and "First Footer" character, in its editorial content will be inside the header and footer is not the same as the other.

鈶?most of the book's home page is no header and footer, and then can be home all the contents of header and footer in the clear.

Tip: In the Page Setup dialog box, select "different odd and even page" entry, document headers and footers are automatically divided into odd and even header and footer, were set on it.


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Christmasgift DVD to 3GP

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LasVegas DVD to DivX

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