Sunday, September 19, 2010

Qwest MCI crush on the bride price increase to 9 billion U.S. dollars

CNET Technology News Network International reported on April 1st time this week, U.S. Pacific time zone four, compete with the Verizon acquisition of MCI battle, Qwest killed a back thrust, will be bid up to 90 billion dollars.

Qwest offer is that this increase has continued for seven weeks in the acquisition of the latest war in the first round. Qwest, Verizon MCI had its eyes on the lucrative enterprise in the communications market, market share, Qwest wants to rely on MCI's cash flow to repay its debt of 17 billion U.S. dollars.

Qwest's latest offer over the original 8.45 billion U.S. dollars of its bid and Verizon 76 billion bid. A shareholder of MCI, said, obviously this is a good bid, it is significantly higher than Verizon's offer.

MCI's shareholders are very satisfied with Verizon's offer, MCI and Qwest negotiations required to achieve substantial returns to shareholders the transaction. MCI said it will evaluate Qwest's offer, and respond accordingly.

Mexican tycoon Carlos industry said on this week, Verizon and MCI in the last round of bids is clearly too low. He did not comment on Qwest's new offer.

Qwest on Wednesday said it has hired a proxy firm Altman Group, which is that it may be a sign of a hostile takeover bid MCI. Qwest may bypass MCI's management, and direct to MCI's shareholders to assess their bid. But MCI has developed an anti-hostile takeover plan, the shareholders holding more than 15% pay a heavy price.

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